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The startling story of the world’s first “gene-edited” babies
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The startling story of the world’s first “gene-edited” babies

  This new series is published by Sultan H. Khane II with additional help from Albert J. Ramel.   It was hailed as one of the "most shocking breakthroughs" mankind had ever seen. But for one Chinese scientist -- it led researchers around the world to have more questions than they did plausible answers. We're referencing the genetically modified birth of "Lulu and Nana" two Chinese babies that were modified essentially to be the 'perfect babies". Except there was a problem. That had never essentially been done before and many researchers quickly called foul. So here's what happened. In 2018 -- the first 'gene edited' babies were born. They were genetically engineered in China behind the backs of regulators and without much oversight. While minimal information is avail...
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