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A man in Florida, 21, was bludgeoned to death after being lured to his death under the pretense of sex with two men

A man is dead in Florida this week after apparently being lured to his grisly death by two thugs who had intentions of harming him from the start. According to police in Lake Wales Florida —- the body of Danne Frazier, 21, was discovered over the weekend bludgeoned to death after having attempted to meet two men they say were meant for a sexual encounter. The two suspects (brothers) and Frazier on the right. The story gets even wilder from there. Police say that Frazier was initially reported missing on 4 November after not having returned home following work at a local Publix warehouse. Growing worried — his mother called police and informed them which they then told her to give it some time and they’d do what they had to do. Although six days later, police say that Frazier ...
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Cops release new video of reported serial killer in Florida: Must Watch

Last week we brought you news of a reported serial killer in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Florida, and, even published security footage of the killer. This week, ehum, is no different. Local authorities have released even more footage of the killer, as, we are unfortunately forced  to confirm a fourth death in the area. It is believed that all four deaths are linked. The latest victim has been identified as a 60-year-old male. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyfTvCg_M90
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