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Megyn Kelly tried to fat shame other people, it, didn’t go so well

Of course coming from the pretty blonde girl worth millions by this point, and, pretty much has a decent figure  considering most women don't look like that (I would know, I'm one of them).   Last week, Kelly appeared on Today to discuss fat-shaming -- and the comments have since dangerously backfired. "I said to my stepfather, 'If you see me go into that kitchen one more time, you say 'Where you going, fat ass?'   her comments reportedly said the first time during the original broadcast. And of course, people were quick to pounce. Equally annoying Megan McCain  took to The View  following the comments to shame Kelly herself. "They're disgusting and disturbing".   Meanwhile, Kelly has since attempted to back pedal on her comments hoping that nobody paid much attention. "I absolute...
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