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Man linked to Natalee Holloway ‘s disappearance, dies

A man famously and notoriously linked to Natalee Holloway 's death is indeed dead today, ehum, after he ironically tried to kidnap another woman. According to authorities in Florida,  John Christopher Ludwick, , who once claimed he helped dispose of Holloway's body -- died hours after the attack due to succumbing to stab wounds. Police say he tried to  attack and kidnap a woman in her Port area driveway, when, to his surprise .. she fought back.  During the  failed attack,  Ludwick,  was apparently stabbed as he ended up fleeing to get away.   Police did confirm that within about an hour, he, was found in a nearby wooded area with severe stab wounds.    The cause of death is listed as severe stab wounds, per a death certificate obtained by The Daily News. The idea was to crush everyt...
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