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America ‘s eviction ban has been overturned again, here’s what you need to know right now

America ‘s eviction ban once again has been struck down sending nearly 11m Americans into worries that they could lose their homes because big money trumps morality. On Friday, the SCOTUS confirmed in an 8-page ruling that the CDC ‘s move to extend the ban by 60 days earlier this month was overstepping essentially their legal authority. The move now puts an estimated 11m Americans or more at immediate risk of losing their homes because landlords have won again. In the ruling, landlords claimed that they could no longer house people for free simply because they were losing out on funds. It’s worth noting that they’re not losing out of funds as the government has laid out billions in rent relief that have in most states not even made it to renters yet. U.S Congress has authoriz...
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The pandemic eviction ban in America is ending next month, here’s what you need to know (like right now)

A pandemic inspired eviction ban in the United States is poised to come to an end next month but not without much public discussion. This week the United States Supreme Court ruled against a group of landlords that had hoped their ruling would cease the moratorium and allow them to move forward with waves of evictions. The court rejected the idea given that the eviction ban is set to expire next month, and, within that month states would have just enough time to allocate federally allocated monies towards eviction funds in their jurisdictions. On Tuesday, SCOTUS voted 5-4 to leave the ban in place in an effort to provide states 30 extra days to sufficiently disperse billions in emergency rental funds (granted people can actually get through the endless bureaucratic red tape.) W...

Everything you need to know about evictions and when the moratoriums expire in America

This Friday could be the beginning of one of the worst nightmarish rollercoaster rides many Americans have ever experienced. On Friday, the federal eviction ban formally expires which likely will send some 12.3m renters (or roughly 30% of renters nationwide) into a crisis as evictions formally loom. If you're in a city that is soon set to see their bans lifted; expired, or anything of that nature. Please don't want until the last minute to do what you can. Landlords don't have to wait once the bans expire. Initially, there was a bit of confusion about the moratoriums so let's rewind it back so that everybody understands. The federal eviction ban applies to federally backed mortgages that are held by banks like Fannie Mae. This usually is for renters who rent from hom...
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