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A top Chinese official carrying secrets about the Coronavirus has allegedly bolted for the United States — here’s what you need to know

Chinese officials are allegedly in a mad scramble this week to find and confirm the whereabouts of State Security representative Dong Jingwei, vice-minister of State Security. Jingwei as it is understood allegedly bolted from mainland China bound for the United States, and per multiple reports, has not been seen in China ever since. His defection reportedly comes with the idea that he may have stolen state secrets from a Wuhan lab about the Coronavirus before his departure. It is not entirely clear where he may be in the United States. The report originated on Chinese social media (think Weibo, we'd share it here but we don't want to get people on Weibo blocked by the Communist Party.) The Spy Talk report found that it was reportedly Dong 's information and leaks that carried ...
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