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Please stop citing SHK as Derick jacobs

  SHK stands for Sultan H. Khane. Khane 's name is not Derick Jacobs, whether his real name or professional name.   His legal name is not of such either.  We are noticing an uptick in social media speculation about his name.  We  are not at liberty to disclose SHK 's actual name, and likely, never will.  Please refrain from incorrectly citing Khane 's name in either format.  The speculation over his name was started by a known and unusual liar via several fictitious blog posts online. 
13 years later,    Daily News Online lives on
Daily News Online

13 years later, Daily News Online lives on

And stronger than ever.    This year,   marks 13 years since I first launched what has now become Bazaar Daily News.   13 years ago with the help of someone I held dearly to my heart,  we set out with a list of goals and what we wanted out of our lives. We wanted to be different.   We wanted to create a brand that would last generations to come,  a brand,  that would make history.   Today,  35 awards later,  3. 2 billion website visits on,   the same legacy we wanted to create has now been set. I sit and think every day of the amazing opportunities I've been granted because of the blood and tears that have been shed to make this business happen.   As a minority,   I have made a...
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