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Denmark is now the 2nd European country to go into full or partial lockdown

Denmark is now the 2nd European country to go into full or partial lockdown

DENMARK --- Big news in Denmark today as the Prime Minister confirmed that most things will shut down for approximately 2 weeks. According to the government, schools; lower schools, universities, and the like will all shutter for upwards of two weeks. Despite no deaths in the country so far, the government appears to be ready to take no chances and is taking every possible precautionary measure. The government also confirmed that all non-critical employees will be sent home on paid leave amid the virus. In Demark as of this writing, there are at least 442 cases of the novel Coronavirus. In total, Denmark has roughly 617 confirmed cases of the virus.
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Denmark passes new law regarding assets of migrants

DENMARK --  Migrants in Denmark are about to get a very loud awakening when it comes to housing;  and entitlements now that they've joined the country. According to officials, a new law, regarding the assets and seizures of said assets has been passed in regards to the influx of migrants in the country. Officials announced the new law Tuesday, some of which, will see the assets totaling $1.5k or more entirely seized from migrants. The seizure of assets has nothing to do with the government simply wanting to take things away, but rather, the government using the very same assets and the financial gain from them to help pay for the housing; food, and related costs for the migrants themselves. Officials note that the new law hopes to treat asylum seekers just as regular citizens, making...
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