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The Death Penalty Is Revived In The United States of America

Men are playing God...again. The death penalty in America under Attorney General William Barr is strongly being considered. A new execution protocol, replacing the three-drug cocktail previously used in federal executions with the single drug, pentobarbital. The last federal execution was carried out in 2003. While The Supreme Court outlawed state and federal death penalty laws in the 1972 decision Furman v. Georgia it was not an absolute ruling. The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988, and expanded by Congress in 1994 and is only implemented under those criminals that are deem "the worse of the bunch". Executions have been scheduled for Daniel Lewis Lee, Lezmond Mitchell, Wesley Ira Purkey, Alfred Bourgeois and Dustin Lee Honken between December 2019 and January 2020. What...
10 Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Vote For Hillary Clinton in 2016
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10 Reasons Why You Should and Should Not Vote For Hillary Clinton in 2016

It's now 2016, and President Obama is in his last year in office. That means someone else gets to sit in the big chair and make all the decisions. In order for that to happen, someone else must be elected. While the Republican party seems to be out of sync as far as their next pick for  presidential candidate, the Democratic party has a clear leader, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the last Presidential Democratic race, Hillary Clinton was leading by a big margin before she was eventually taken over by current President, Barack Obama. It seems as if history, at least in part, is repeating itself as Hillary Clinton has a firm lead on the Democratic nomination for President. For those who are unsure as to whether or not you should or shouldn't vote for Hillary in the upcoming 2016 Presidential r...
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