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Best Lines from Sunday’s Flint Michigan  Dem Debate
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Best Lines from Sunday’s Flint Michigan Dem Debate

The Democratic Debate  was well underway Sunday evening in Flint Michigan, and, it lived up to typical Democratic fashion.   The debate, which, featured Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders -- saw  jabs about being Jewish and why Clinton "was a prayer woman'. Clinton: “I know the state of Michigan has a rainy day fund for emergencies. ... It is raining lead in Flint; and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required.” Sanders: "When you watch these Republican debates, you know why wee need to invest in mental health." Clinton: "If everybody voted the way he did, I believe the auto industry would have collapsed, taking four million jobs with it." Sanders: “Secretary Clinton said I'm a one-issue person. I guess so. My issue is trying to rebuild a dis...
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