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Answering some of your FAQ ‘s sent to our fan-mail inbox

In this week 's fan question box (we have an e-mail dedicated to that) we received a host of questions about our business model and how we managed to get it off the ground. The truth is our business model we don't actually have one. The only form of a business model that we have is consistency; productivity, and otherwise employee happiness. Contrary to popular belief, we aren't owned by what is called Newspaper Newsgroup Limited (pretty sure that's there name.). We are owned by a group of private citizens who have no corporate interests; no ties to dark money, and otherwise are about as regular as one might expect. That has accounted for much of our success because they've banned corporate money; power players, and the like from ever taking control of this agency. Another l...
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Daily News is preparing to launch Daily News America — But needs your help

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL --  Daily News Online is preparing to launch its much anticipated  U.S flagship, but, needs your help to launch it.  We're hoping to raise at least $1,300 to help hire at least 4 people and  perfect the launch of our latest website.   We intend to commemorate our biggest donors with a 'Thank You" page on our website dedicated to those who helped our U.S flagship become a reality. The biggest donors of the bunch will be added as 'Namesakes"  to the U.S flagship to show our gratitude. All gifts  start as small as $10. [paypal_donation_button align="center" border="2" price="10"] We ask that anybody who donates also shoots off an e-mail to contact@bazaardaily.co.uk so we can send formal thank you letters. Here's what we want to do: We want to bring "The Dail...
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