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Montana theft plot hilariously foiled, uh, and then some

MONTANA --  If you're going to rob a house, uh, you probably should double-check the contents of the robbery items in question first. A Montana man learned his fate this weekend, uh, after he decided t o rob a home but the plot was foiled by items he wanted placed in the U-Haul truck.  The item ? According to police,  Patrick Adams , got caught after his unknowing accomplices discovered military medals in the boxes that they suspected didn't belong to him. Adams, last July, managed to make off from a man's home (a service-members residence at that..) with more than $40,000 in goods.   Police reports say that Adams story fell apart after people saw military medals in some of the belongings he was trying to smuggle out of the home. Per the AP,  his friends "felt suspicious because he had ...
New Jersey man slashes wife’s throat, goes on the run, now arrested
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New Jersey man slashes wife’s throat, goes on the run, now arrested

One would think being "happily" married to the man of your dreams would entail a life full of happiness and laughter, but, perhaps, that wasn't the case for one New Jersey woman. NJ police confirmed to The Daily News today that Jeremiah Monell was found in a woodland area of the city two weeks after life on the lamb. Police say that they conducted a massive ground and air search for Monell who is believed to have slashed Tara O'Shea's throat inside their home before she bled to death.  The issue?  Police allege that Monell fled their home after the vicious crime, some of which, they're still not sure why was ever actually committed. The body of his 36-year-old wife was reportedly discovered in their Township neighborhood home over the weekend. According to family and friends, the cou...
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