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Klarna Killer: A PA woman has been charged after trying to order a murder hit on her hubby on an installment plan

A Pennsylvania woman is finding out the hard way that some things just don’t belong on slayaway. According to Pennsylvania authorities, one Claudia Carrion, 44. believed that her husband was abusing her and her family. Her charges read as criminal solicitation for homicide. Though there was no direct evidence of that when police got immediately involved. According to police reports, Carrion was dumb enough to hire an undercover detective on a $100/week layaway plan for 40 weeks to carry out the assassination. She was arrested immediately after a change of hands with the monies. Carrion reportedly admitted to cops last Friday thar she used 5 $20 bills but the rest would come later. In case it couldn’t get any worse — she also admitted that such was not the first time...
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