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Mail Bombing Suspect: Fox News, Trump radicalised me
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Mail Bombing Suspect: Fox News, Trump radicalised me

In eyebrow raising statements by the suspect responsible for the 2018 mail bombings across America, he, has come forth via legal representation with new claims in his case to prevent long-term prison time. In statements filed this week, attorneys for Cesar Altieri Sayoc, 57, made the claims and additionally claimed something else certain to get peoples' attention. Handout/Getty Images The document (filed Monday) goes on to claim that Cesar suffers from " “cognitive limitations and mental illness” and that he believed prominent Democrats (as a result) were out to get him; other Trump supporters, and the world as a whole. But it gets far more interesting. In the same document, the following statement is attracting plenty of attention online. Cesar 's attorneys then reported...
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