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Bella and Gigi Hadid are some of the standouts from #NYFW

Supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid are at this point fashion week regulars. This season -- they've stood out as some of our hand-picked favourites of the season by far. We've rounded up some of their best outfits from NYFW Spring 2020. Bella and Gigi are dominating Fashion Week 2020. From Marc Jacobs to Rodarte, we've rounded up some of their best looks from this season. (Left: Marc Jacobs, middle Marc Jacobs, right Rodarte.) Getty Images US supermodel Bella Hadid walks the runway for Rodarte - Getty Images: NYFW The Shows Bella Hadid stunned in a shimmery number for Michael Kors - Getty Images for Michael Kors Bella Hadid super stunned for designer brand Khaite. Getty Images
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Gigi & Bella Hadid ‘s father is broke as a joke, files for bankruptcy: Report

Because let's face it, nobody's fucking surprised that Mohammed Hadid is just about as spoiled as those daughters of his. According to reports, Hadid has filed for bankruptcy protection in the state of California in the midst of a battle to demolish his illegally built ugly-ass house that poses a great risk to neighbourhood safety. Hadid 's company  901 Strada LLC, filed for reorganization in federal court the day before Thanksgiving. The Daily Mail subsequently reported that the Hadid patriarch had gone broke after building his illegal home, but yet, his attorneys say otherwise that such isn't true. So then it begs the question Mr. Hadid, why can't you pay for the demolition of a home you shouldn't have built to begin with?
Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are coupled up in NYC: Reports

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are coupled up in NYC: Reports

Supermodel Bella Hadid and boyfriend The Weeknd are pictured in New York City, where, the couple was pictured hand-in-hand  leaving Hadid's Manhattan apartment.  The two appeared happy; smitten, and without regard for the obvious paps outside of her home.  
FUCCI steps it up a notch, styles supermodel Bella Hadid 
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FUCCI steps it up a notch, styles supermodel Bella Hadid 

By now if you're a celebrity,  you've probably heard of FUCCI X Stokes.    FUCCI, an Atlanta resident is best known for his eccentric and often eye popping fashion choices online. Late yesterday, images appeared online confirming that FUCCI has styled Bella Hadid for Paper Magazine. All credits go to FUCCI and Stokes. FUCCI,  a totally nice person whom we have had the opportunity to meet in person before.   (...also it appears inspiration must be paid to someone known as Madam Mortus ...)
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