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Violent protests have upended America

Last night became the night that everybody knew was coming following the murder of George Floyd. Protests; violent encounters with police, near full blown riots, it all occurred. In multiple American cities, buildings burned; cop cars were set ablaze, Los Angeles attempted to declare it was illegal to go outside, the madness only quite literally got started. https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1266649537545977856 In Atlanta alone --- multiple luxury stores were raided including Dior. Videos appeared online overnight confirming the raids which wildly took everything in the store believed to be worth hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. https://twitter.com/DaKidArtNeal/status/1266707880251703298 Buckhead (aka the Rodeo Drive of Atlanta) was completely ransacked. Jimmy Choo;...
Fresh News

As a result of the Coronavirus, Atlanta’s mayor has ordered Watershed to keep water on no matter the scenario

ATLANTA, GEORGIA --- Striking news in Atlanta today as the mayor Keisha Bottoms confirmed on Saturday that local water agencies have been ordered to keep water on at all costs for the next 60 days. As fears (some irrational, and some not) continue to rise about the Coronavirus -- measures are being enacted to protect people and renters in need. "The health and wellbeing of Atlanta residents is at the forefront of everything we do as a city," she said in a news release on Wednesday. "Access to water is paramount in the prevention of COVID-19 or any infectious health threat and no one should be deprived of this fundamental resource because of an inability to pay."
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The trailer for the Scandalous Sexy Season 7 Premiere of Love & Hip Hop ATL is here

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is probably one show in Atlanta that nobody can say they don't watch, almost, everybody does.   The Season 7 premiere is closing in, and,  we've got the official trailer. In it, Erica Mena makes a big move to the  A, which should be very interesting considering she's Erica Mena.  Her grand arrival in a rented jet seat, perhaps,   is the talk of Black Twitter, but  we'll  let you watch what to expect in this season's anticipated drama. http://www.vh1.com/video-clips/gkmfbr/love-and-hip-hop-atlanta-erica-mena-arrives-in-the-atl The new trailer see's a scantily dressed Mena attest to the fact that since she left New York and her days as a reality star up North, that, she is indeed a different woman. Although, the rest of the squad isn't quite sure in the  Season...
Op-Ed: Why I have a hate love relationship with the city of Atlanta
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Op-Ed: Why I have a hate love relationship with the city of Atlanta

Atlanta Georgia is, in a nutshell, a place most love and hate.  It's a place of opportunity; triumph, and often tragedy. (But we won't discuss that).   Our resident staff writer   Brandell took his own take of life in Atlanta, and, decided to share it with the world. 1.)    For the most part... Atlanta has some pretty good looking men says Brandell, 25, who writes for The Daily News from his home high above the Arts Center in Atlanta. "While they're good looking, you, probably should just look and not touch" he jokes. "Most guys here are awfully self-fixated and that lacks allot when it comes to actually going beyond  the legendary one-night stand in this city.  Atlanta has far too many options as far as dating is concerned, and, that makes it a terrible city to try and find a...
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