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Apple to FBI: You can’t force us to do anything
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Apple to FBI: You can’t force us to do anything

CALIF --  If you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably heard that the U.S Government is once again trying to invade the privacy of many Americans including the two infamous shooters who  wrecked a San Bernandino social services agency.   Apple, who has notoriously and vehemently refused to cooperate with a federal court order to write code to unlock a phone belonging to a San Bernandino terrorist, has, cited that the feds cannot "force Apple to write code for any reason". The news comes just days after the Justice Department allegedly threatened criminal action against the company, who, they say is "undermining an investigation" into  Farhook and their accomplice.  To date,  federal authorities have not been able to open any iPhone belonging to the terrorist couple. What ...
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