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Criminal complaints against Andrew Cuomo have been filed officially

Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may have even worse problems to worry about. According to CNN, Cuomo is now the subject of at least two separate criminal complaints in Albany. This makes the sitting Governor of New York the subject of a formal criminal complaint. Reports indicate that the woman only identified as executive assistant “one” in the initial report made the complaint on Thursday. The complaint alleges on multiple occasions, which were found to be true, that Governor abused his power to take advantage of women while in office. Right now an internal fight between top NY lawmakers is underway. Amid the allegations and the investigation into his actions — Cuomo is actually refusing to completely resign.
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NY mulling investigating its own governor over credible sex harass allegations

Cuomo apparently isn't the saint New York has painted him to be after all. Amid reports that his administration failed to disclose the actual number of COVID deaths in nursing homes, uh, there are quite a few other sinister things going on. The New York Post reports that NY 's AG Letitia James is mulling investigating Cuomo over sex harassment claims; abuse of power, and of course the massive cover-up he committed within his own administration. Cuomo has denied the claims on a number of occasions although NY Republicans are now demanding a special prosecutor into the stunning allegations. It is a wild fall from grace for Cuomo who was once hailed as a hero of the pandemic.
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Tax hikes for the rich in NYC could be on the way: Report

In the midst of political pressure; controversy, and a huge budget deficit NYC may be set to hike taxes on the rich. The move comes amid further pressure on Cuomo ‘s office to release indoor dining to the public considering New York City has a fairly low infection rate compared to other parts of the U.S. Cuomo, however, announced this week himself that such would happen only after all federal options have been exhausted. According to the Governor’s Office, Cuomo has noted that a state level tax would simply drive the wealthy out of NYC for good. Instead he says that both a state and federal level tax levy might be needed to prevent that from happening. But it already is. The wealthy have been driving themselves out of New York long before the Coronavirus pandemic and such wa...

In new turn of events, NYPD to begin breaking up people on subway cars to further social distancing efforts

Looks like those crowded NYC subways and those awful delays are finally starting to catch up to the bleak reality New Yorkers now live. According to the betrothed mayor De Blasio, the NYPD has been instructed to begin breaking up subway cars that have lots of people on them (ordering people off at any given time.) This comes as the MTA is experiencing severe delays; missing trains, some even shut down entirely as ridership continues to plummet. Making the comments to NY1, De Blasio reiterated that people will be fined for violating social distancing rules. The PD is going to go out there, if they see any overcrowding they are going to split it up,' de Blasio continued. 'Pull people off the train, move them along into different cars, whatever it takes.  'This is literally ...
New York Governor orders state’s minimum wage to $15

New York Governor orders state’s minimum wage to $15

NEW YORK -- Interesting news in New York City today.  According to Governor Andrew Cuomo,   New York is on par to become the latest state to mandate  a $15 minimum wage.  The announcement came from Cuomo,  during a press conference,  in which he had this to say about the city's startlingly low pay. The current minimum wage in the state of New York ... in our opinion does not afford one the ability to live a decent life," Cuomo said, per CBS New York. "You can't raise a family on $18,000 a year in the state of New York. So we want to raise the minimum wage, which in and of itself would affect 2.3 million workers." New York is now just one of many states ordering a pay hike for low pay workers,  in an age,  where Americans mus t hold thr...
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