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Movie Review: In modern America #AmericanSon is a black person ‘s worst nightmare come true

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching Kerry Washington 's Broadway play ("American Son") on Netflix [it was adapted into a film.]   The film surrounds Kendra (Kerry Washington) and Scott Connor (Steve Pasquale) and their interracial mixed family. The film almost instantly begins like an opening scene from pre-civil rights movement movie from the 60's.  Connor 's blatant racism; downright distaste for other black kids, and even his own disenchantment of his own wife's personal struggles as a black woman are without a doubt terrifying.  The film doesn't move from the "Miami Police Department" station where it originally took place. Warning: This film contains serious racial undertones that may upset viewers. The cop in this film is the cop of all cops that nobody ever wants to encounter. ...
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