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Bow Down America: Your White Overlords Have Spoken
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Bow Down America: Your White Overlords Have Spoken

Despite videos showing their claims  were lies,  Alton Sterling 's death last year in Louisiana, will go justice not served.  The Daily News has learned that  the Justice Department and Jeff Sessions have decided not to pursue charges against two white Baton Rouge cops, who, lied under oath despite video footage showing a whole different account of events. Watch the original video of his murder, that debunks the claims made by officers, but white people still defend these officers as if nothing ever happened. Sterling, was fatally shot in 2016 by the two cops after selling CD's outside of a convenience store. At the time, er, the cops claimed that he had struggled and was resisting arrest.  One report indicated at the time, perhaps, that they had then claimed that he was armed.  This...
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