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America must explain why it left behind biometric computers that the Taliban is now using to hunt those who helped the west

A stunning new report out Friday has revealed that an obscene number of biometric data devices left behind by the Americans is assisting the Taliban. According to report, the American government reportedly left behind a vast network of data devices and military computers that appear to contain biometric data for local Afghans they helped create in a database. Because they left these kinds of things behind it is their moral obligation to save as many as they can before the Taliban gets violent. Each of the devices appear to have landed in the hands of a top secret offprint of the Taliban tasked with hunting down any and everything that assisted western forces. According to separate reports, this group is known as Al-Isha and they’re considered to be armed and dangerous. News...
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Americans have been told to avoid Kabul ‘s airport as terror level in area rises

Leaving more than 1.5k people reportedly stranded in the terror straddled region. According to the White House and multiple media reports, Joe Biden ‘s administration has informed Americans in the area to avoid the airport out of fear that the Taliban is going back on their word despite the image that they’re portraying. https://twitter.com/travisakers/status/1430672036112838661?s=21 The threats are reportedly understood to be coming from potential terror threats from groups like ISIS. With a terrorist organisation now in control of Afghanistan, it is understood that intelligence services in multiple nations are tracking the growth of offshoot groups looking to take advantage of the situation.
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There are understood to be at least 23 California students stranded in Afghanistan

A shocking report out today revealed that the Americans have an even larger problem than originally thought. According to newly surfaced information, a California school district is scrambling to help at least 23 of its students escape Afghanistan before the scheduled red line date at the end of the month. The Los Angeles Times (paywall notice) reports that 23 students from the Cajon Valley School District are struggling to find their way to home after an apparent summer trip to the country gone horribly wrong. It is understood that the students took an unsanctioned trip to the country to visit family and are now stuck under Taliban rule. It is further unclear if the students would be allowed out of the country as it appears they are or are in some way related to Afghans — who are n...
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Moring Mix: RHOBH star still under investigation; Girardi ‘s noteworthy fall from grace, and the latest on Afghanistan

Today ‘s morning mix for Tuesday 24 August 2021 is brought to you by Rian Out Loud an American podcast hosted by our in-house talent. Tom Giardi ‘s epic downfall is truly one for the books From a lavish lifestlye and a mansion that was once on the market for $13m to a miniscule retirement home — Girardi ‘s fall from Beverly Hills showstopper to broke is one for the books. Despite his many reported health claims, Girardi is set to remain under investigation for the crimes he committed allegedly before any healthcare scares may have set in . 2. The situation in Afghanistan is down to the hour(s) not the days. Despite pleas from the Americans that the American military will be able to extend its deadline in Afghanistan that is not actually true. Taliban ‘s media spokespe...
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Biden is setting himself up for direct confrontation with the Taliban, it could go very very wrong

Biden ‘s latest test is set to be a test so varying that it could either go very well or very bad. According to statements released by the Talibans spokesperson, the United States is required by Taliban law to vacate Afghanistan by the set deadline of 31 August. Refusal to reportedly vacate as negotiated would mean, per the terrorist group, that the Americans are setting themselves up for violent reactions from the group. It is understood that at this time the group has agreed to hold off (so they say) until 31 August so that the U.S can evacuate as many people as it can. But evacuation efforts have been stalled in the country near the airport against the backdrop of reports that the Taliban is not being honest. Several reports claim that the Taliban is intentionally making it di...
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Morning Mix: Afghanistan falls, Kabul gets overrun, heartbreaking scenes and more

Monday ‘s AM mix is here. The content contained in this AM newsletter may not be suitable for all audiences. This newsletter is brought to you by Crown Drinks — a lifestyle beverage brand. Afghanistan is now under total Taliban rule (almost.) Late yesterday evening Kabul formally fell to Taliban terrorists. It is understood that they have already begun implementing harsh Islamic rule. Women and girls are being rounded up throughout villages as young as 12 but no older than 45. Under most Islamic interpretations, women are not women but rather objects and servants. During the early hours of Monday, the Presidential palace formally fell to the terrorist gang. The country’s bewildered President has already fled prior to their arrival in Kabul. Western forces and cou...
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Here’s what happens if Afghanistan falls to the Taliban

A sparring of words between world governments and the Taliban (yes a terrorist organisation has actual world governments pleading for mercy) has unfolded nearly to the fall of Afghanistan entirely. A shocking new piece in Newsweek paints a picture of a grim future for the country, as the government has largely failed to fend off Taliban ‘s forces against their massive expansion of power in the country. Experts alike along with international watchdogs fear that the country will fall to the very same people the Americans claimed they spent 20 years fending off. It is one of the greatest failures in history and is poised to cost millions of Afghan people their freedoms; lives, and their loved ones. Girls and women are expected to lose almost all of their freedoms as the terror ins...

As Kabul is likely to fall, the Taliban shoots back into the international spotlight

Probably one of the world’s most prolific terrors groups — the Taliban insurgents have made extraordinary progress in their quest to take over Afghanistan. According to media reports in the area, insurgents have pillaged so much of the country its capital is believed to be next. The AP reports that the terror group now controls a whopping 10 regional areas of the country’s 34 total areas. It is understood that they are making so much ground in an effort to take over Kabul — the country’s main government sector and seat of immense power. Following the American withdrawal from the area the Taliban almost immediately seized the country. Critics far and wide have blamed America for abandoning a country they helped destroy. Translators and linguists left behind are also feeling the ...
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