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There are understood to be at least 23 California students stranded in Afghanistan

A shocking report out today revealed that the Americans have an even larger problem than originally thought. According to newly surfaced information, a California school district is scrambling to help at least 23 of its students escape Afghanistan before the scheduled red line date at the end of the month. The Los Angeles Times (paywall notice) reports that 23 students from the Cajon Valley School District are struggling to find their way to home after an apparent summer trip to the country gone horribly wrong. It is understood that the students took an unsanctioned trip to the country to visit family and are now stuck under Taliban rule. It is further unclear if the students would be allowed out of the country as it appears they are or are in some way related to Afghans — who are n...
World News

Airbnb announces it will house more than 20k refugees as evacuation efforts enter last desperate days

Vacation service Airbnb has announced that it will donate more than 20,000 stays to more than 20k refugees who are or have already fled Afghanistan amid a worsening crisis. The American chain announced on Tuesday morning that with the help of generous hosts —- vulnerable people including Afghans are being housed as they land in various places throughout the world. It is understood that they are going to be housed in private locations that cannot be found for the safety of themselves; the hosts, and their families. https://twitter.com/bchesky/status/1430067315228352512?s=21
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