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Cops: Woman blew up microwave using her own urine sample

AURORA, COLORADO --    An Aurora  woman is in trouble today after it apparently occurred to her that   using a 7-Eleven microwave  to  to heat up a  cup of urine probably wasn't the brightest of  her ideas. According to the New York Post,   Angelique Sanchez apparently decided to visit an Aurora located store, where, she  then apparently decided to stick an analysis of her urine into the microwave. Somethings you just can't make up.    The Post notes that   she apparently showed up around 6pm  earlier this week,  but then,    decided to try and secretly damage the stores property  behind the back of the clerk.   She has since been  issued a reported summons for damage to property, although,  has not been publicly available for comment. Reporting by Saint Vincent La'Royse in New York ...
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