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5G Made Possible By Millimeter Waves Radio Waves
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5G Made Possible By Millimeter Waves Radio Waves

The radio waves are chattering about 5G NR and MMWaves. What???? “Where 3G brought the internet everywhere and 4G LTE made it faster, 5G NR is meant to vastly boost both the capacity and speed of networks, bringing you your high-res cat videos and 4K VR livestreams without delay.”-Cherlynn Low of engadget.com 5G is going to be sustained through the use of radio bands via the you guessed it radio spectrum. These highly specialized bands are known as millimeter waves. s To put in prospective where this new wave is headed. Qualcomm said you can expect "typical speeds" of 1.4 Gbps -- that's twenty times faster than the average US home broadband connection. At peak rates, think 5 Gbps, it's enough to stream more than 50 4K movies from Netflix at the same time.  Imagine watc...
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