A letter from us in the midst of soaring website traffic

A letter from us in the midst of soaring website traffic

Hi guys,

We’d like to take an honest moment to recognize how amazing you guys and ladies and families are. We hold a personal belief that the news should be free to everybody, and therefore have never charged or put up a paywall on this newspaper. Although we do have a bit of advertising to help us with overhead costs and to pay our little team. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we continue to report on the novel coronavirus and other news that is reshaping our lives as we know it right now.

If you’d like to directly donate — feel free to drop a message on Venmo Bazaar-Daily1. Direct donations go on our donation wall and will be noted for the public to see our amazing supporters. If you’d like to remain anonymous please let us know that in an e-mail or in a note on your Venmo donation.


Sultan; Kimmy, Devon, Saint Germaine, Mercedes, Kievan, Tyler, Marianne, Kevon, Sam Wilson, and every other amazing person who has helped us make this possible

-Please be safe out there.

Sultan H. Khane II is the Editor-in-Chief of Bazaar Daily News and its 5 sister properties.

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