One of the U.K ‘s biggest regional airlines has suddenly collapsed, almost reminiscent of the previous one that did such a few months ago that left holidayers stranded across the world. According to multiple reports, Flybe Airlines has let go of thousands of staffers; lost the company, and has pretty much gone bankrupt.

So let’s catch everybody up to speed with what people should know:

  1. Flybe planes are currently impounded in London and aren’t being flown.
  2. People are stranded across Europe, it is unclear whether or not the government will order a rescue mission to have them flown home. Truthfully, this is probably the third airline collapse in recent memory.
  3. 2,000 or so have reportedly lost their jobs at the airline — which most have described as having been “led by donkeys.”
  4. Refund requests probably won’t be covered if they were bought directly through the airline, but our best advice is to contact your bank to request a refund and give them full details as to what happened.
  5. *Some travel companies are already planning to issue refunds to bookings made through them.
  6. It is believed that the coronavirus was the nail in the coffin for the already struggling airliner.

Revert to the Civil Aviation Authority profile below for more information.

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