WRITES TIFFANY HUTCHINSON-MEYERS. No matter the country someone lives in, typically the prosecution-and-then-trial phase of a criminal proceeding usually is pretty damn long. CPS waited until after Flack followed through with several previously reported attempts to harm herself to actually now officially terminate the case against her.

This is so so wrong. Officials previously refused to terminate the case because we’ve learned that two reviews took place in December, and therefore, during those reviews officials claim that Flack was still a “risk” to her then-boyfriend

Prosecutors allege in documents obtained by The Daily News that at the time of those reviews, Flack “flouted” multiple conditions of her bail which included no messages or attempts to visit/contact Lewis. Prosecutors noted in at least two IG posts at the time and following at least one of those reviews — that a message reading “To my boyfriend, I love you” was in direct violation of bail requirements.

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