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An Australian woman has died allegedly after getting the COVID-19 vaccine: Report

Yet another puzzling report of COVID-19 vaccine frustrations has emerged. According to, an unnamed elderly woman reportedly died this week just hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine down under. Many following the report began to question whether or not it was in fact safe to take the vaccine. Chief Medical Examiner Paul Kelly said  “at this stage there are no signs of any causal link,” the Australian Associated Press reported. “It can be expected that older and more frail people in an aged care setting may pass away due to progression of underlying disease or natural causes, this does not mean the vaccine has contributed to this,” he said.

Europe is now vying for America’s unused vaccines

The race to vaccinate as many people as possible is exposing another problem with vaccinations entirely. According to the New York Times, the Astrazeneca vaccine is being hoarded mostly in America to the tune of millions of doses -- but other countries want to get their hands on them. America however has reportedly told the EU-block that such won't happen in the near future until as many Americans as possible are indeed vaccinated. The idea that the Biden Administration is hogging the vaccines has upset people overseas who see it as yet another great divide between America and the rest of the world.

Houston has found the UK COVID-19 variant in ITS SEWAGE system

An alarming new study apparently conducted against the backdrop of a Governor who doesn't care -- has actually revealed that Houston has COVID in its sewage systems. According to the Houston Health Department, 71% of the city's entire sewage system has been found to have the highly contagious UK variant of the Coronavirus. The Governor Greg Abbott relinquished mask mandates just a week after the initial report was published among officials for them to see. Just two weeks prior to the report the city saw roughly 41% less of said system infected with the British COVID strain. 'The prevalence of the U.K. variant in our wastewater shows it's actively spreading in our city,' Dr David Persse, chief medical officer for the City of Houston, said in a statement. 

The vaccinated anti masker attacks have begun: Watch

America has always had an entitled problem but those who appear to be vaccinated are a different breed. Out in San Francisco an Uber driver has found himself in the midst of headlines after being assaulted by his passengers. An assault they took place because they allegedly didn’t conform to the mask rules in his vehicle: Note: While mask mandates are being lifted, it does appear as a business that Uber still has mask mandates for its riders. The video has been widely circulated online after it was provided to a California based reporter who posted the shocking verbally laced footage. Uber has since confirmed that they’ve identified the riders and banned them — though we’ve also learned that after his ...

Everything you need to know about the COVID-19 variant detected in CA

A new variant of the COVID-19 virus detected in California has people wondering whether or not it is deadlier than the last. According to researchers attempting to answer that very question, the concern is valid because the new strain does appear to be quite deadly. The Los Angeles Times reports that local health officials are already sounding the alarm amid fears that if the virus isn't under control by summer -- America could be in for another spike.  Los Angeles Times reports. "The devil is already here," says lead researcher Dr. Charles Chiu. "I wish it were different. But the science is the science." There are growing concerns that the wild number of variants currently plaguing much of the world could complicate vaccination efforts well beyond the point of no return.
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UK Hospitals: Wanna park that car? That’ll be some £ £ £

You'd think in a time like this nurse heroes would be ones to get freebies; discounts, and other stuff but that isn't the case. In a bombshell exclusive out this week, The Mirror uncovered how a series of NHS hospitals are apparently charging said heroes upwards of £500 to park their cars at Epsom and St Heller. Bosses apparently claim that the move comes amid "increased demand" and is meant to help reduce said demand. Although it seems crass and despicable to charge these people to park their cars when they are quite literally saving our lives. The hospitals join a series of other businesses and such that in more ways than one are profiting off of the pandemic.
China: Come here, we have to swab your anal cavity for COVID-19

China: Come here, we have to swab your anal cavity for COVID-19

No that headline is not a joke. Amid reports of a new outbreak in China, a bizarre caveat has emerged right behind it. According to media reports out of Beijing, Chinese officials are now or have been for some time anally swabbing people for the Coronavirus. A still from a Weibo video showing an image of the reported test in Beijing. As much as we wish we didn't know this, the swab is reportedly entered 1.2 to 2inches deep and turned in a circular motion to collect a sample. Chinese authorities maintain that it only takes about 10 seconds. Some experts argue that the unsightly method may be more accurate than throat or nose tests, although, that remains to be confirmed by additional experts.
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In first big move, Biden issues tighter COVID rules and a mask mandate

On his first full day in office -- President Biden made it clear that one of his distinct missions is to beat back the Coronavirus as best America can do at this point. According to NBC News, Biden signed a series of executive orders that mandate mask use; increase funding for states to get better at vaccinating their populations, and hopes that the orders will help pave the way for safe re-openings. All international travelers must now have a negative test before entering the United States. "We didn't get into this mess overnight and it is going to take months to get it turned around," he said. "But let me be equally clear, we will get through this, we will defeat this pandemic." The U.S eclipsed 400k COVID related deaths just before Trump left office. As as a result, the B...

Pfizer now claims that its vaccine likely will protect against the new fast spreading COVID-19 strains

Pfizer has now annnounced amid growing fears that its vaccine may be inadequate against new strains of COVID-19 that the vaccine actually appears to be adequate. The AP reports that the reason why tne UK and the African strains were believed to be mutated and more contagious is because of a particular point in the strain. That point has been identified as N501Y. Researchers note that such is an apparent spike in one of the proteins that coat the virus.

Officials are now saying that the current COVID-19 vaccines may not work against 501.V2

501.V2 being a new strand of the Coronavirus that appears to possibly have mutated its way into immunity. According to the BBC, the current vaccines may still work but due to the resistance or “immunity” that the current South African variant has developed within itself —- said vaccines may be weakened. Experts are cautioning that research is being done at breakneck speed to determine if new vaccines may be needed and the fact that there is no need to panic at this time. The South African variant, thus, has been detected in the United Kingdom and the United States as of this writing. It is unclear whether or not this variant is more deadly or transmissable, but what is known, is that this variant has ravaged the South African coast.
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