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Noella Fe Says…. Why Not an HBCU?

Why don't African Americans send their children to HBCUs? This article has been written a thousand times over. At the very moment of editing, floods of tweets came in from the students at Hampton University. The outrage came after the Town Hall's yearly meeting. So many tweets of tired students not getting the attention needed to address issues within the student body and campus as a whole poured all over twitter. I felt lifted uncannily. I wasn't sure if it was the passion in which the students held for their school, or if it was the drive they carried to improve campus life at Hampton. All colleges go thru some problems and understand that many HBCU's just don't have the money to cover up the mishandlings. Hampton isn't the only school going thru rough patches but is enough that black ...
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Noella Fe Says: Tomi Lahren aka “Tammie”

"Can the Left let the families grieve for even 24 hours before they push their anti-gun and anti-gunowner agenda? My goodness. This isn't about a gun it's about another lunatic. #FloridaShooting -Tomi Lahren I'd like to believe this wouldn't be her statement if it were her sister or her brother or her child. Is this statement coming from someone who them themselves could purchase a gun at 15 with daddy's credit card? So he's a lunatic, but Tamar Rice was what? She and no one else's point matters if they are not the victim of such tragedies. Our hearts pour out to not just the latest victims but all the victims of the mass school shootings for 2018 and before. People with guns that are allowed to live after killing others inspires more killers. Take that how you want to. I hope my ...
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Noella Fe Says,

AMTRAK UPDATE: HELLO UK & US READERS, had to hop on real quick to update you on that SC accident. Amtrak says the incident could have been avoided. Once again it remains a mystery why this train was not updated or equipped with a PTC DEVISE. I thought after the major crash in 2011, all trains needed to have one. If you aren't familiar with the term PTC; It's a set of monitors and computers that could aid in keeping crashes from happening. Officials are still wondering how the brake(switch) was turned to manually. CNN reports speed is also a factor in the collision that killed two and injured over a 100 people. Noella Fe says, leave your thoughts and comments below or engage on our page; Twitter/Facebo...


AMTRAK is making headlines yet again. In my last rant I said I was going to start a, "your turn" movement, but thanks to Amtrak I need to start a," I'm tired" movement. WHAT IS SAFE ANYMORE? I live in NYC, so by far, I'm already traumatized by public transportation so all of these incidents are making me feel like private transit is even worse. She might not die from rat encounters but ride Amtrak; Noella Fe says," She has to fear for her life. Two hours ago another Amtrak train crashed in South Carolina leaving two dead and over 90 people injured. CNN reports that the two people dead are in fact Amtrak employees. News outlets said that the Amtrak train had a collision with a freight train. These crashes are beyond absurd; the freight train was stationary(meaning the dam freight train ...
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Noella Fe’s top 24 questions for the week.

It's Sunday and It's the last day of the week, we all need a little laugh here and there right? I just wanted to release some light energy in the air. Tensions are going to be high, it's Super Bowl Sunday! I don't know about you, but sometimes I just have random thoughts in my head. These random thoughts form questions. Are they morally sound? Maybe not. Here's my disclaimer: Might not be for the faint of heart or the sensitive. Of course, I would never purposely offend you; however, apologies are rare if I do. We all have questions, and GI JOE said it best, "YOU MUST KNOW, AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE." Plus some of these issues will become apart of Black history some way or another. (chuckles) I want to be able to tell my great nieces and nephews the real story. Speaking of knowi...
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Black HIstory ,White Crime

  DO BLACKS KILL MORE THAN WHITES? I thought I'd share some of the conversations I'm Having during Black History Month. Facebook allows me to engage in almost any and every type of group and you would not believe the crap people say out of their mouths. Some things just shouldn't be said. This one group,( I won't mention the name because the administrator has not given me permission) had a blow out discussion about blacks killing more than whites. I was just there for the comments. I've learned to STFU when talking to people who are angry and stupid. Especially when they suffer from a combination of both. In school I had to research a similar topic; rather I chose to research this topic because I didn't think blacks killed more than whites.(I still don't ) I paused for a second a...
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Different Year Same Story: BLACK MAN KILLED BY POLICE

"We have made incredible progress, this year we have seen the beauty of America's soul." -Trump (Pops gum) Great we would like to think that every person in America that watched or listened to the State of The Union Address felt that way. While it was great to touch on how law enforcement is cracking down on gangs, and government is going to be pro-active in their support of improving military to fight ISIS, 45 never mentioned the fight on corrupt law enforcement. 31 days into the New year there has already been 105 deaths by police. We not sure if that's good or bad compared to 109 last year this time. Since November there has been 292 police involved killings. The site ( reported that out of the 105 deaths cause by police half of those people were bla...
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80% of America is still buzzing over The Grammys, you can go on any social media platform to get the moments or thrills your eyes or ears might have missed. Our pens are glued to the pad over here at Bazaar Daily. The only thing we still discussing is that promo for Celebrity Big Brother! (blinks eyelashes really fast) OH! YOU SAW IT! Did Omarosa make a jaw dropping entrance back into reality t.v or what? Say what you want but the woman makes major moves. At a time where things are so racially charged, is no one going to commend her for being the only black person in the Trump's administration? Just asking for a friend. It should have been celebrated especially due to the fact that she was booted out from her gig as Director of Communications in the office of Public Liaison just after a...
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Sleep Easy Coyote: R.I.P. Mark Salling

On this day glee fans all over the world are shocked and saddened by the passing of an all american star; Mark Salling. Salling born in Dallas, Texas on Aug 17th 1982 , passed this morning due to an apparent suicide. Tipped by a phone call to do a welfare check LAPD went to check on the glee star. TMZ broke the news around 10:45 am. Found in a baseball park close to his home hanging from a tree, Mark must have decided that he couldn’t face the burden he was to bear for the next 7 years. “PUCK” as known on the hit show Glee, was the character that Mark played for 6 seasons. He was an aspiring actor that was made an international star. With a passion for music he started a project with a fellow friend called "Camp Coyote" a mix of comedy and music and was touring. Then, BOOM, Things took ...
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Gram slam

Gram Slam: Oh what a night It’s not time for the NBA but there were some major dunks at the 60th annual grammy awards. Now for the sake of pure love, we didn’t know which to cover the actual grammys or or (drum roll please) Uncle Jay Z's “Roc Nation Brunch” I mean did Mrs. Bey not slay? Sips cup, Do we know if Uncle Kanye was in the building? Yes so many things to go over and with me as your writer , things are going to go pretty fast, I mean even faster than the switch up Miley Cyrus gave us, doing simple black Jean Paul Gaultier black jumpsuit. Lord knows we were proud parents over here at Bazaar Daily. We wouldn’t been right if the disney princess would have showed out and showed up in one of her usuals. Maybe she has a boyfriend now. Either way we loved the simplicity paired with...
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