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2020 U.S Elections

Amid even more threats of terrorism from Trump ‘s thugs, D.C buckles down

The National Park Service and the like inside the Capitol area has announced as of Monday turns and such are suspended. Per the Park Service, all tours of the park and the National Mall are suspended through 24 January amid additional credible threats of terrorism. According to the FBI, the closure will also see likely closed-off streets and heavy police presences throughout the National Mall area. FBI officials have apparently come across credible information that indicates major attacks by Trump Supporters may be planned in all 50 states at their respective Capitals.
RiRi helps fund $4.2m grant to aid DV victims in LA amid the Coronavirus
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RiRi helps fund $4.2m grant to aid DV victims in LA amid the Coronavirus

It's no secret that some of us are blessed to be able to stay in our homes; whether with safe roommates or alone. Others, however, aren't so fortunate and often are forced especially now to be with people whom are otherwise unsettling. James Veysey/WWD/Shutterstock Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey joined RiRi in donating to the fund as both donated upwards of $2.1m each. The fund will help the Mayor 's office tackle the rise in DV amid the Coronavirus (and those cases that existed before.) It was recently discovered that calls to domestic violence hotlines amid the novel COVID-19 virus actually soared. The fund will help with shelter; meals, counselling and the like for up to 90 DV victims a week for 10 weeks.
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