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Alex Jones and his many heartbreaking lies have caught up with him, ordered to pay Sandy Hook families $4m

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Conspiracy theorist and notorious media personality Alex Jones has had one really bad week. According to reports, Jones’ found himself finally on trial for his long-running con claiming (falsely at that) that the Sandy Hook massacre wasn’t real. To the shock of many, Jones was forced to openly admit that it was in court but not before his lawyers accidentally disclosed his text messages involving the case admitting that he had been previously dishonest.

His dishonesty ultimately amounted to what nearly became perjury before a judge ruled that he must pay the families of Sandy Hook $4m over his fabricated and dishonest reports on his Info Wars website.The ruling means that the con-artist likely faces entire financial ruin as punitive damages are to be decided next per the judge’s orders.

Jones and his ‘team’ have previously admitted that any award over $2m would literally sink them. The next trial is expected to be a shorter on.

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