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We’re launching a new effort to help Americans stay informed and register to vote ahead of the contentious midterms

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Alright guys gals people cats and anyone else reading this. This November our dear friends in America are headed to the ballot boxes to decide their fate. And by decide their fate we literally mean either straight outta the Handmaids Tale or a world free and just for all (though that may take some time to get there so long as the Republican party exists.)

So here’s the good news. Over the next several weeks, some may begin to notice that there will be a voting rights tab on the top of our newspaper. This section will contain links to LEGALLY register to vote; gain information, find your polling place and local rules, and everything one would need to know to vote legally and avoid any unintended consequences.

Also we’d just like to remind people because it does appear that not allot of America understands the way the American (ironic) government actually works. The government is divided into separate parts this is done to “balance” the power across the government. Each “division” of the government essentially has different representatives and the like. This is why something must begin the House eventually going to the Senate and if passes goes on to the President. They are the judicial; legislative, and federal (‘executive’) branches of the government.

Now we mention that because until each ‘department’ if you will has enough Democrats to void Republicans and their votes America won’t make any further progress. Democrats cannot just walk into work and be like “We’re going to do XYZ today and completely disregard the rest of the government.” This would be tantamount to a government being overthrown pretty much similar to the way Donald J. Trump tried to do so on 6 January 2021.

This new section launches on Wednesday.

Share With Your Friends

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