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Netflix is suing the two women responsible for that popular online “Bridgerton Musical” that since became a real life smash hit

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Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear these two names might sound familiar if you’ve ever seen the Unofficial Bridgerton Musical on Tik Tok which has been an online delight for a while. When it originally premiered Netflix, as the story goes, had no problem with it because it wasn’t on a large scale seeking commercial success. However, according to the Verge, that has now changed that the musical has become an international sensation.

Deadline notes that Netflix has since changed its tune after discovering that the twosome is headed to the Royal Albert Hall in London in September to perform for a sold-out audience. Apparently Netflix is pretty miffed that the duo refuses to negotiate a license for the whole fiasco and has since decided to take it up in court in Washington DC.

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