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Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo charged with 7 counts of first degree murder

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Robert Crimo, 21, the domestic extremist responsible for the Highland Park shooting over the weekend has been charged. According to information out Tuesday evening, Crimo has been charged with at least 7 counts of first degree murder so far.

Although that’s not the only new development in the case. As it turns out, back in 2019, cops reportedly interviewed Crimo twice that year against the backdrop of concerns that he was a threat to himself and others. They did not arrest him at the time even though he not only said he wanted to ‘kill everybody’ but was in possession of more than 16 knives and multiple deadly weapons. The first threat to cause harm dates back to April 2019 when he had threatened to take his own life at the time

according to multiple records reviewed by Bazaar Daily for this report.

He did not face any sort of arrest or intervention by police at the time. He would go on to turn 21 at the time to go and buy two assault rifles in Illinois and at least one other gun.

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