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We have something to say in regards to #SCOTUS overturning the right to an abortion in America #RoevsWade

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Hello everyone,

At this paper we are a very close knit family. As a family, we have some wonderful women both young and older who have all been remarkable additions to our team. As a result of the ruling today, we are now offering stipends to our female staffers both remote and in person in an effort to help them seek safe and caring access to abortion services in places where it remains legal. Today’s ruling outlawed it in a number of states, though, it likely will only be a matter of time before the extreme right goes for the remaining places where it likely will remain legal for some time.

It is a dark time for America. The Supreme Court has been turned into a a mafia-like hit group that isn’t actually impartial by any means. In fact, they’re already talking about revisiting the right to access birth control and that of gay rights and such.

We almost universally avoid engaging in anything political related, however, we absolutely cannot stand back and allow our lady friends to struggle like this.

With Love,

Bazaar Daily News

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