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We have an update about our new healthcare policy following the reversal of #RoevsWade in America

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Hello everyone,

As the days go on we’ve been hammering out our new healthcare policy specifically geared towards women. As a result of the recent overturning of Roe vs Wade, we have further decided to provide additional support to our female staffers and friends. This includes additional healthcare coverage and will actually include relocation services for women to states where abortion services are permitted in the United States. This will have to be done through our American (.com) team as we would not have the power to complete these tasks. This can be done discreetly and nobody has to know.

Regardless of local U.S laws women will not be required on our behalf to obtain permission from someone else including but not limited too boyfriends and husbands.

This means that our lady friends will now be able to relocate from places like Texas to places like New York and we will provide 70% of relocation costs incurred during these times. Women aren’t required to justify the move in anyway as the people overseeing this are already largely aware of why one would ask for this to begin with.

We are proudly aligning ourselves with a woman’s right to choose and standby our decision to aid our lady friends young and old in their quest for safe access to critical reproductive healthcare services.

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