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If Biden won’t boost the Supreme Court he is just as guilty as the GOP as they continue to railroad America into the past

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Joe Biden is adamantly against Democratic calls to raise the Supreme Court and the available number of seats and that is all the reason why Americans should consider a more progressive candidate for President or perhaps a President who might be more in line with the times rather than someone who isn’t moving forward.

“That is something that the president does not agree with,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Saturday when asked about Biden’s stance on adding justices. “That is not something that he wants to do.” Biden seems perfectly OK with the GOP assassinating America.

According to Huff Post, Biden made it clear over the weekend that he has no intention in authorizing more seats on the Supreme Court despite widespread calls to do so. So long as Biden doesn’t budge the Supreme Court remains conservatively right — which gives the GOP just enough power to cause as much damage as possible whether they win the midterms or not. Of course, cases actually have to make it to the Supreme Court although the GOP and their right-wing allies are more emboldened than ever before to do just that.

Joe Biden is just as guilty as they are at this point and it is time for Americans to explore an alternative candidate that actually suits progressive and Democratic ideals. Joe Biden largely does not and that has been proven by his track record time and time again from previous decades up until this very day. Some Democrats have even called for as many as 13 justices in total to be on the court, although, Republicans probably won’t go for that despite widespread calls to do so. Biden ‘s press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre told CBS that the President is exploring further options but is entirely against expanding the court.

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