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Start your Friday here: Musk accused of sex assault, James Webb photos, and more

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Friday is here and that means it is bound to be a wild day indeed. Start your morning here with us as we get you up to speed as many of you are probably just getting your morning started (don’t forget the coffee.). In this Friday letter, we’re going to review a bunch of things that have happened since last night that you may have missed.

  1. The James Webb Telescope has delivered images back to earth taken decades prior

NASA ‘s fancy James Webb Telescope which is all but an unbelievable distance from Earth right now has delivered images back to earth that were taken back in the 1970 ‘s. The photographs are pretty stunning and can be viewed by clicking here. [Favourite thing to happen this week.]

2. An elite cyclist has been shot and killed

3. America just revealed they have more UFO reports than what they previously acknowledged (Trending This Week)

America’s disclosures regarding UFO ‘s and the like continue to lead to more questions than answers. In a nation often locked behind “National Security” and government dishonesty nobody is quite sure who to believe in the quest to confirm that extraterrestrial beings exist. U.S Congress held a public hearing this week where it was revealed that the Americans have encountered such UFOs at least 400 or so times. They previously claimed they had only seen them 100 or so times over the course of many years. Many of the encounters apparently have no man made explanation.

4. Billionaire Elon Musk has been accused of sexual assault

Elon Musk ‘s financial troubles and literal troubles are mounting. Amid reports that he’s lost billions since his Twitter bid (its trading below what was previously bought) Musk is now facing some pretty serious revelations that he is a serial pervert. According to a bombshell report released on Thursday, a SpaceX flight attendant revealed she was paid $250,000 to remain quiet after Musk allegedly assaulted her and exposed himself to her. Musk maintains that the revelations are supposedly a Democratic hoax/political attack amid his own claims he’s preparing to vote Republican.

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