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New York is preparing to allow eateries and pizzerias to sell pot infused food here’s what to know right now

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Pot infused food may be coming to New York. According to the Post, New York’s legislative body is in the midst of discussions to allow eateries and pizzerias to sell you guessed it pot infused food. The new regulation comes amid an increasing effort by New York to fully legalize recreational marijuana for the first time. New York notably passed the bill last year though pot sales and stuff won’t formally begin until the end of the year. Merchants are understood to have already applied for such licenses by the thousands.

Aaron Ghitelman, a spokesman for the state Office of Cannabis Management, told the Post that discussions had been underway for some time though they’d need further examinations. Most critics agree that such places that inevitably do turn to selling pot infused food would actually have to bar people under 21 from entering their premises.

It comes as America comes to heel with the fact that Americans are getting higher than ever before. And for good reason, most people who enjoy a joint every now and then generally are nicer people.

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