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Europe just moved to pass sweeping new regulations to combat tech platforms, here’s what to know and why

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Europe ‘s wager against tech platforms is on the move again. This week European policymakers enacted what is called the Digital Services Act (DSA) in an effort to implement the next round of the bloc ‘s massive regulatory goal set to clamp down on big tech. The act in a nutshell covers everything from e-commerce sites; social media sites, internet providers, delivery platforms and most other things similar to these.

This is Europe ‘s second major piece of legislation regarding big tech in about a month

The bill along with the Digital Markets Act aims to make tech more fair for everybody. In one area of the bill, a particular feat is attracting allot of attention. Sites or platforms with more than 45m EU users will be required to have broad content moderation policies in place to help combat illegal content. Violations of the acts look to result in billions of fines for offenders.

“Today’s agreement — complementing the political agreement on the Digital Markets Act last month — sends a strong signal: to all Europeans, to all EU businesses, and to our international counterparts,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Its main goals are: removing hate speech, going after e-commerce sellers who promote illegal goods, and scrutinizing the recommendation algorithms of tech platforms, among other things.

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