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Are they already here? Report claims alien technology has been on earth for more than a decade

Last updated on 2022-04-24

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A stunning new report out this weekend confirms perhaps one of the most chilling and profound suspicions mankind has ever known. About ten years ago, one of the first known interstellar objects (or meteors in this case) crash landed on earth and ended up in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists now say that this object, which predates the one many may recall over the past two years, likely didn’t originate by any means in which a human could understand.

Like most things space related they should probably be taken with a grain of salt. However, the fact this was backed up by the US Space Command certainly leaves more questions than answers. Mr Loeb as mentioned in the announcement wants to travel to the area in which this object is inside of the ocean — but because nobody knows where it came from that might not be safe as several critics have pointed out.

The revelations were backed up by space command officials in America who tweeted that Loeb’s report about the mysterious object was accurate. Scientist Mr. Loeb claims in a shocking article that the reason we haven’t found these things is because the truth is they’re probably already here.

So what is it? According to the published report, the object appears to have been an interstellar meteor but its classification has taken some time.

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