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The WH is enlisting Tik Tokers to battle Russia ‘s disinformation endgame as Putin ramps up rhetoric against the West

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Chances are you’ve been on Tik Tok lately and found that some of your favourite TT personalities are suddenly talking like they’re a member of the White House press corps. According to reports, that it is actually because the White House is enlisting users old and young with large followings on the app to help spread accurate info about the war and what is really happening. Biden ‘s moves are in direct response to the fact that Russia has resorted to propaganda and misleading television spots in an effort to keep the truth from spreading to ordinary Russians.


It’s important to know what you’re advocating for. #genzforchange #ukraine #whitehouse @victoriahammett

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In one of the video’s we found online, “GenZForChange” describes what appears to be the Biden administration ‘s stance on the request for no fly zones. As the user explains, such would pretty much in essence mean that America would be required to shoot down invaders of said no fly zone (i.e Russia.) By shooting down a Russian aircraft, that is and would be essentially a declaration of war on behalf of America and World War III would soon begin (but depending on who you ask one could argue that we are already in World War III: Episode 1.)

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