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The Russian ‘s are openly targeting a second nuclear facility, nobody quite knows exactly what will happen

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This weekend marked the second known time that Russia has knowingly targeted nuclear facilities in Ukraine. According to reports, the Russian military attacked the Zaporizhzhia power plant earlier this week but has since moved on to another target. Ukraine ‘s nat’l security services appears to have confirmed the news on Facebook alas providing additional information regarding the matter. It is the second known time that Russia has come dangerously close to purposefully launching a nuclear war.

The Kharkiv Institute of Technology is understood to be the target this time which appears to also house a nuclear reactor. It also houses the Neutron Source nuclear research facility. There are understood to be 37 cells in the core of this particular one. Ukrainian officials have said that the Russians are using weapons known as Grad Launchers on the facility though these types of weapons are not understood to have precision targeting. If a missile misses and hits the reactor or close enough to cause a problem — the consequences will be felt across much of Europe. If the reactor experiences an issue and sets itself off, deadly radiation likely will be released across Europe.

It is the worst fear of Ukrainian officials and European officials that most are trying to prevent.

Earlier in the week when the Russians attacked the power plant in a separate attack, video footage from that particular attack appears to have been provided to the New York Times.

Stop shooting at a nuclear dangerous facility. Stop shooting immediately! You threaten the security of the whole world!’ the announcer said in a video sent to The New York Times by a source with ties to the local government.

‘The work of the vital organs of the Zaporizhzhia station may be disrupted. It will be impossible for us to restore it,’ the announcer continues.

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