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First person on trial for storming the Capitol in America has been found guilty on all charges

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New developments in the growing case(s) against those in which unlawfully stormed the United States Capitol. According to reports published today, Guy Wesley Reffitt, has been found guilty on all five federal charges against him which collectively carry a maximum of 20 years in prison. He is understood to be set for sentencing on 8 June of this year.

It is a pivotal moment and likely the framework for the cases against the many others who are to come following this jury ruling. According to what we could learn from the developments his charge are — attempting to and actively engaging in tactics that would’ve overthrown the 2020 US election; transporting guns into DC, carrying a Smith & Wesson handgun onto the restricted grounds of the Capitol, interfering with Capitol Police protecting the Upper West Terrace and obstructing justice by threatening his son and daughter when he returned to Texas.

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