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FINALLY: The FTC has sued Turbotax over their dishonest ads (because let’s be frank they were never free)

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In 2022 — it is almost commonplace that Americans have other forms of income rather than simply just an ordinary job. Turbotax, however, has knowingly used that in a bait-and-switch sort of way to con people into their services despite the fact they have never been free (despite what their ads say.) Now the United States FTC is taking action against the tax-preparation software for its misleading ads because the service isn’t free for everyone.

“TurboTax is bombarding consumers with ads for ‘free’ tax filing services, and then hitting them with charges when it’s time to file,” said Samuel Levine, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, in a statement. “We are asking a court to immediately halt this bait-and-switch, and to protect taxpayers at the peak of filing season.”

For example, if you’re a gig worker or a farm worker you cannot actually use the free version (but this isn’t either entirely or fully mentioned in the usually brief ads one finds for these folks.) Turbotax confirmed on Wednesday that they’d be fighting the suit but made no mention of how they’d intend to do so — considering many of the misleading ads out there can easily be used against them.

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