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This dog in Kent England needs a *Forever* home we’re hoping someone out there can help

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Alright folks let’s set aside the news for a second to talk about a lovable but shy puppy in England who desperately needs a good home. According to People Magazine, a Battersea animal shelter is still seeking a home for one of its dogs known as Luke. Luke has been in the shelter more than 200 days and not a single soul showed up for his adoption day party yesterday on Valentine’s Day (shame on you England.)

It appears he is 5.

Luke the dog


From what is understood Luke does suffer from some doggy anxiety; has skin issues, and some other stuff that would require a balanced healthy diet. Luke prefers someone who lives in a quiet area where he could enjoy nice long strolls without encountering many other dogs.

CONTACT: Battersea Brands Hatch on [email protected] or by calling 01474 874994.

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