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The Sackler family is trying to buy their own immunity from the remaining lawsuits in the opioid crisis they helped fuel

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The Sacklers are back in the headlines for every reason one would imagine the longtime drug lords would in fact be in said headlines. This week legal filings surfaced that revealed that the infamous Pharma family is prepared to offer up $1B more in settlement funds but on one very unpopular condition. Filings show that the family is demanding that they be granted immunity to all current and future lawsuits if they go through with the additional funds.

AP notes that lawyers for survivors; their families, and so on have all pretty much agreed that even with the additional funds that would only actually make the governments share of the lion larger. It would not mean that larger payments would go directly to those hit hardest by the opioid: everyday Americans.

The change would bring their total settlement fund between $5.5B- $6B but a humungous portion of that would go to the federal government before anyone else.

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