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The real King of Diamonds is coming after the fake King of Diamonds and it just gets juicier from there as the fallout from Tinder Swindler continues

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In a wild twist to an already wild saga the Real King of Diamonds would like a word with Simon Leviev. According to reports, the Leviev family reportedly issued a lawsuit in Israel ‘s highest court this week against Shimon Heyada Hayut (that’s his real name) for the “obvious and malicious defamation” that he caused by pretending to be a member of the diamond rich family.

The family told TMZ that such is just the first move against Simon who is actually trying to still profit off the very schemes that he’s now being sued for. TMZ notes that the family intends to also target anyone helping or abetting Simon in his fraudulent schemes and manoeuvres

‘He is a crook and deceiver who changed his name for criminal purposes while identifying that he is a member of the Leviev family and taking the reputation of the complainants,’ a translated portion of the suit reads, according to Rolling Stone.

Reports indicate that the family will donate any money it receives to the many women and victims that Simon actually conned. Editorial policies prevented us from contacting Simon for this article for comment because we are prohibited from communicating with convicted criminals.

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