Some words of wisdom as we begin this Monday morning

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Hi everyone,

As we begin this Monday morning I hope each of you continue to be nice to your neighbours. We live in a world where division is intentionally sown — because if we all magically got along with each other by default there would be no need for the extreme government intervention that we are now seeing these days.

Black; white, green, yellow, purple we are all here. The funny thing about us weird human beings is that without each other none of us would exist as we know ourselves today. The world works because we are all in it rather than against it. If we continue to live in a world where we are against the world rather than working alongside it — I’m terribly afraid the world won’t last much longer. I’d like each of you to remember that it is OK to question; to wonder, to ask, to be curious, to confirm, to research, and to be informed.

But there is a right and a wrong way to do such. Some people use the right to ask questions and to be informed as means to be ignorant (I don’t have to explain an example of such because you have to look no further than the murder of any singular Black person in recent years in America.)

As politicians continue to lie their way to the top; enrich themselves, and other things we must remember that the government works for ‘the people’ not the other way around. Somewhere along the line throughout history that mission statement got lost as modern corruption took flight and politics became a retirement home for people born in the previous century.

We are all deserving of individual rights; freedoms, and the right to live freely with our loved ones; friends, and neighbors in a world accepting of everyone. On both sides of the political spectrum almost regardless of the country mentioned — politics have become a game of lying to people. It is unfair on almost every aspect of such.

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No matter the colour in which you are; where you originate from, your socioeconomic status, or anything of that nature remember you are part of this world just as much as the next person despite what the political hack on television would like you to believe. These hacks have convinced factions of America and beyond that they must hate anyone and anything different when that isn’t the case. If we all got along, I’ve always wondered how long it would be before the government calls the people to the table and things dramatically begin changing.

Enjoy your 8am coffee,


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