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Sexual assault allegations appear to have played a part in Chris Cuomo ‘s firing: Reports

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Disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo apparently has a much darker past than previously known. According to new reports out Wednesday night, the fallen American host apparently wasn’t just fired because he secretly tried to help his brother evade his own allegations — but also because he was fighting his own. While the accuser hasn’t been formally named a letter that appeared previously in the New York Times confirmed that the incident took place in 2011.

In 2011 that means Chris Cuomo would’ve been at ABC at that time and not CNN. The same report claims that CNN only became aware of the incident after being told so third parties which then had begun its own investigation just days before the other scandal played out. The woman maintains that in 2011 as a temping employee at ABC News, Cuomo, offered her career advice and a chance at a better cushy gig at the network.

Except that allegedly came with a stipulation that she perform sexual acts or she would lose out on the gigs (allegedly.) From there, she maintains according to court documents that Cuomo then forced himself on her as a result of being turned down.

The Huff Post reports that the woman was triggered to come forward after previously having seen Cuomo on T.V profess his remosre and understanding for those suffering as victims of sexual assault having felt he was being two-faced. Cuomo was fired by 12 December following phone calls to CNN but failed to disclose this when he told the world why he was supposedly fired.

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